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Types of foster care

KACa_058 At Key Assets, we understand that every child and youth will have completely different needs. Some may need a foster placement for a few nights while others will need a more permanent family environment. That’s the thing with fostering; no two children and no two placements are the same. During your assessment, we’ll help you prepare to care for children in all types of placements. What are the different types of placements?

  • Emergency – Involves caring for children who need somewhere safe to stay immediately, usually for a few nights.
  • Short term – Involves looking after children for a few weeks or months until difficulties at home are resolved or alternative plans are made for their future.
  • Long term – Involves caring for children for a year or more and possibly until they reach adulthood and are ready to live independently.
  • Respite – Usually involves children living with their own family or foster carers, but having short stays with another foster family, to give their family/main carers a break.
  • Parent and child – Involves foster parents looking after a parent and her/his child/ren or a young woman who is pregnant.

We are actively seeking specialized foster families for intensive home-based care, medically-fragile children, sibling groups and respite care.

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