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Glossary of terms



Fostering is a way of offering a family home to a child or youth who, for various reasons, cannot remain with their birth family.

Fostering placements with Key Assets can last for any length of time and can be aimed at reuniting children with their birth families or leading them towards independence or adoption. Fostering can come as a result of many reasons, including illness, relationship problems, family breakdown, or a situation in which a child or youth’s welfare is threatened.

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Foster parents

Foster parents provide children and youth in the care of Key Assets with safe, secure and stable home lives when they cannot return to their birth families.

Foster parents are a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds who are all working towards making a positive and lasting difference to children and youth in foster care.

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Foster care placements

Foster care placements at Key Assets vary from child to child. Our main placements can be grouped into emergency placements, short-term placements, long-term placements, respite placements or parent and child placements.

Many of the placement types at Key Assets are aimed at supporting children and youth with high and complex needs, including Aboriginal peoples with specific cultural requirements. All of our placements are underpinned by Key Assets unique Team Parenting approach.

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Team Parenting

Team Parenting means that everyone is responsible for the child and for the carer. We believe that we can learn continuously from each other and that, by keeping teams small, we can develop strong relationships and find imaginative and creative responses to the needs of the children in our care. Team Parenting brings together a close-knit team of our professionals and Children’s Aid staff who work together with you to help you provide the best level of support for a child or youth and meet their unique needs.

Children’s Aid Societies

Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario maintain the authority to remove children and youth from their homes and provide them with foster care placements.

Children’s Aid Societies are run and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services and are non-governmental organizations, meaning they run independently of the government although they are empowered by provincial legislation.

When a child or youth come into foster care with Key Assets, the responsibility for that child will rest with the Children’s Aid Society that referred them. Often, Children’s Aid Societies will refer a child to Key Assets due to their complex physical or behavioural needs.

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