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What is fostering?

Fostering. We love that word. It means so many things. It means someone who cares, nurtures and supports. It’s a word for our foster parents because that’s exactly what they do.

Our foster parents look after children and youth when they are unable to live with their own families. This could be because of illness, relationship problems, family breakdown or because the child’s safety has been threatened. Foster parents provide a safe, stable home and give children the support they need to thrive.

What’s involved?

Every foster parent’s journey is different. That’s because every child is too. There are all sorts of reasons why children come into care and each will have their own life story. That’s why we offer different types of fostering placements.

Fostering isn’t the same as raising your own children so it’s important to know what’s expected of you. And although your fostering journey will be hugely rewarding, it won’t always be easy. Sometimes a child or youth may leave your care before you feel ready to say goodbye. They may be adopted, return to their family or move on to a permanent foster home. When they do, we’ll give you all the support you need to help them, and you and your family, move on.

However long a child is in your care, you’re likely to have a huge impact on their life.

That is what makes fostering so rewarding. It really does change lives.

Like we said, we love that word.