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How will fostering affect my family?


Fostering involves the whole family. Your own children have an important part to play in the success of any fostering placement, that’s why we offer them the support and reassurance they need to ensure their experience of fostering is a happy and positive one. We do this by acknowledging and celebrating their achievements whenever we can and by including them in the many events and activities we organize.

As part of the application and assessment process, we arrange for the assessor and any children in the family to meet so they can discuss their thoughts and feelings.

Supporting children and youth who foster

As well as support and guidance for children and youth who foster, we provide:

  • Easy access to the family’s foster support worker
  • Contact with other young people in the area who are also part of a fostering family, offering peer support and the chance to talk and share their experiences
  • Opportunities for birth children over the age of 18 to attend training and/or support groups when it’s appropriate and relevant for them
  • Paid respite provision to all our foster families, to give you and the children in your care a bit of a break for agreed short periods of time.