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Patrina and Richard’s Story

Patrina and Richard have been foster parents with Key Assets since 2012. Since joining our team, they have fostered a range of children of diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities. They have cared long-term for a young boy, and have also fostered other children for more short-term stays. Along with their foster children, they also have three biological children ages 16,11 and 3.

Why did you decide to become foster parents?

“We chose to become foster parents because of our love of children and we wanted to share our home with children in need. Keeping children safe and welcoming children into a warm, busy and loving home is something that makes us feel fulfilled. We have felt fully supported since joining the Key Assets team and feel that the agency understands the needs of our whole family including our biological children.”

Can you tell us a bit about the children you have fostered?

“One child that we fostered came to us with very high emotional needs after experiencing severe trauma as an infant.  Through patience and consistency from our whole family as well as the support of the Key Assets’ child and youth counsellor, the child was able to develop a healthy, secure attachment to us and thrived in our home.”

What have been some of the challenges and rewards of fostering with Key Assets?

“At times, the needs of the foster children can be challenging for the whole family and it means we have to adapt and be flexible.  But seeing positive changes in the children we care for is the biggest reward and inspires us to continue fostering.  Working with the Key Assets team as well as other Key Assets foster parents have also been very rewarding and the feedback we get from the agency gives us confidence that we have made a difference!”