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Osasogie’s Story


Osasogie is 23 and her mom has been a foster parent with Key Assets for two years.

Osasogie is currently in her third-year of a nursing program in university. She has been a great support to her mom and has provided practical help. She has formed a close sibling relationship with the foster children in her mother’s care and enjoys being part of a fostering family.

“I knew a little about fostering before mom joined Key Assets because I was friends with a girl in foster care at school. I knew that she missed her family and had some struggles. She was fostered by the school principal. I could see a difference in her once she had rules and boundaries to follow at home, before that she was a little wild. That was my introduction to fostering.

Being part of a fostering family is awesome! I like it because I never thought I would be a part of this and it’s worth it! I hope that I’m making an impact. It’s fulfilling to know that I’ve changed a part of someone’s life and that makes me happy. That is why I’m studying nursing.

Foster families help children to develop and give them a stable environment, which they need. I feel that the families that they are placed with a change in a positive way like we did. I’m more patient and the children bring joy to my life. They bring back simple things that I didn’t remember about being a child. They’re really good kids even though they’ve had difficult experiences in the past. It’s a very positive feeling to be helping them.

I’d tell other children whose parents want to foster. Be ready! It’s a positive but a big change. You have to be ready to be patient, willing to accept the child and make him or her part of your family. It can be just as rewarding for birth children as it is for foster children.