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Hafsa’s Story

hafsa-and-son hafsas-daughters

Hafsa is a single foster parent who lives with her three daughters and her son. She was approved as a carer with Key Assets

I wanted to foster for a long time and always had a passion to bring something positive to someone’s life. This was my wish!

I became an approved carer for Key Assets in May of 2014 and started by providing Respite care. My family (including myself, three daughters and one son) had all different ages of children come to our home with various behaviours and challenges. The same children would come repeatedly, which allowed the child and my family to build a relationship. This gave me great experience and motivated me to do my best at all times, and taught me how to handle different situations.

My first full-time placement was a 14 month old boy. We cared for him for four months, and developed such a close bond with him. When the time came for him to return home, we had such a hard time saying goodbye. But, we still talk about him daily and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

If you’re thinking about fostering, you have to be ready to face the challenges with the children. No matter how the child is or what they’re going through, it’s not their fault they’re in foster care. It is so important to work through behaviours, and teach right from wrong; this helps create an open dialogue so you and the child will build trust together. I also work on biological parent relationships, which is so beneficial for the child to see.

Key Assets is an immaculate agency. The assessment process was cooperative and smooth, and easy to manage around my schedule. Everyone was very accommodating. The staff are so helpful and understanding, there is always someone to lend support to you and the child. The trainings are great, they provide a lot of information.