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Expressions Book – Contributions Invitation

We are very excited to invite you to contribute to our ‘expressions of being in care’ book (title still to be decided!).

This book will differ from the poetry and artwork books that Core Assets has produced in the past in that it will take readers on a journey through foster care – from before children even enter care, to entering care, finding their feet and then moving on and leaving care (including post-care).

We are not just looking for poems (although they are welcome!). We want any and all expressions of being in care – these could be song/rap lyrics, stories, jokes, limericks, anecdotes, drawings, photos, digital art…anything!

Part of the aim of this book is also combatting myths and highlighting clichés. So if there are any phrases that other people use that drive you mad, or that you hear over and over again, let us know!

This project is being driven by four very remarkable care leavers – Kristian Sucilla O’Sullivan, Cameron Ings-Hodgson, Aaron Kelleher and Nick Barwick. They have recorded a special invitation message to all contributors:



All contributions need to be submitted to by Friday 19 September 2014. Please complete the artist contribution form and guidelines document and submit a copy of this with your material. 


Didn’t we do this last year?

Yes, sort of. Last year we were planning to produce a poetry and artwork book like those we have done before. But we have since revisited the brief and instead would like to take readers on a journey through foster care with expressions from looked after children, care leavers, carers, family members, support workers, social workers…anyone!

I sent something in last year; do I need to re-send it?

Nope. We have saved every poem, story or piece of artwork that was previously submitted and will be using some of them in this book. All those we don’t use will go on the website.

We would particularly invite contributions from care leavers, carers and staff.

What ‘angle’ are you looking for from contributors?

No angle, just an honest expression of your experience of care – it must be a genuine reflection of your own experience, not an attempt to describe someone else’s.

If you have any other queries, just email and we will answer them for you as quickly as we can.

Want to contribute? Download our artist contribution form here