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Debbie’s Story


I loved being a mom but only having one child, always thought I would foster or adopt someday. Well, that someday came when my son was grown and moving on to having his own life.
I grew up having aunts and uncles who had adopted children and knew early on that there were kids in the world that needed good homes. I have always felt that if every family could help just one child, there might not be any children in need. So after doing some research, contacted Key Assets to get more information about fostering. Right from the start Key Assets made me feel very comfortable with the idea of fostering and offered a wealth of information.

I have now been Fostering for almost 4 years and have found it to be one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. It hasn’t been easy – but I feel I have grown substantially as a human being. There is a learning curve, these kids are not like your own. These kids have seen and experienced things well beyond their years, they are traumatized, they are troubled, many have mental health issues because of what they have been through, but they still are just children who desperately want a home and a family, who desperately want to be loved and cared for. They want to have a voice, they want to know that they matter. There is nothing more important in my mind, in this world than raising the next generation to be healthy, happy, well- adjusted individuals. But they need our help in breaking the cycle of where they come from. None of these kids asked to be born into poverty, abuse or neglect. Yet so many of them come exactly from this.
These kids need you. And when you start to see the small changes in them, how well they adjust to your home and family life, how well they suddenly start doing in school, how happy, content, loving and trusting they become towards you, you know that you are making a big difference in their lives and you become overwhelmed that by your small gestures of kindness, your patience and understanding towards them can actually make such a difference.

Key Assets has been my backbone throughout the last 4 years. They offer a world of experience and training and the staff are there for you every step of the way. Never once have I felt that I am alone in this. Key Assets takes a group parenting approach and is extremely helpful, especially when difficulties arise, they are there for you.
I feel I have been truly blessed by this experience because it changes you. You become a better person. You become so much more aware of what is really important in this life. You learn to truly appreciate your own story and to give back.