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Changing text size using Opera

Opera can increase the size of images as well as text.

You can quickly increase or decrease the size of both text and graphics using the Keyboard:

  • Press ‘ + ‘ (in some versions you might need to press the ‘ Shift ‘ key as well) to increase size and the ‘ – ‘ to decrease text size. Each press will increase or decrease the size by 10%. Alternatively press ‘Alt ‘ + ‘ V ‘ to bring up the view menu and then press ‘ Z ‘ to bring up the zoom options then use the up and down arrow keys to select the option you want followed by ‘ Enter ‘ .

However the changes will not be remembered next time you open Opera.

To permanently increase or decrease the size of the text follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘ Tools ‘ menu with the mouse and then click on ‘ Preferences ‘ or press ‘ Ctrl ‘+ ‘ F12 ‘ .
  • Click on the ‘ Web pages ‘ tab with the mouse or press ‘ Ctrl ‘ + ‘ Tab ‘ to cycle through the tabs until ‘ Web pages ‘ is selected.
  • Click on the ‘ Page Zoom ‘ option box and select your zoom size or press the ‘ Tab ‘ key twice to select the page zoom option box and use the up and down arrow keys to select your zoom size.
  • Click the ‘ OK ‘ button or press ‘ Enter ‘ to return to Opera.

You can also change the text size in these other browsers:

Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Firefox.

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