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Therapy services

We know just how important the relationship is between a foster parent and a foster child. In fact, it is at the heart of our therapy services.

We believe that, as the foster parent, you’re the main agent of change in a child or youth’s life. That is why our therapy services are designed to support and encourage you when you need it the most.

How we work with you

The role of our therapy services is to help you think creatively. When needed, our therapist will offer consultations with you to help you to understand the unique behavioural and emotional needs of the foster child. They’ll talk to you about the child in your care, arrange specialist support groups for foster parents who are experiencing similar issues and provide specialist training when needed on a wide range of subjects, such as self-harm.

If your foster child has complex needs, you may be invited to attend Team Parenting meetings where your observations and ideas are really valued. These meetings are a space for everyone involved in a child’s care, such as school staff, mental health workers and the child’s social worker, to come together and share their different experiences, ideas and solutions for the child. The Key Asset’s therapist will run these meetings and it’s their job to help you think about the child’s development, their current needs and their future hopes.

You won’t always need our therapeutic support; but when you do, we’re right there.

To find out more about our support services and how we help you, give us a call Toll Free 1-833-301-5500 or contact us through the website.