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Children and youth support

When a foster child enters the Key Assets family, they are introduced to their own Child and Youth Counsellor.  All of our Child and Youth Counsellors are qualified Child Youth Workers or Developmental Services Workers who are specifically dedicated to helping the foster child meet their potential.

What does the Child and Youth Counsellor do?

Our CYC team offers daily and specialist support whenever our foster children need it and they visit them on a weekly basis.

Some of the support offered by our Child and Youth Counsellors could include:

  • Developing self-care skills or assisting with educational needs either at home or in the community
  • Helping with day-to-day emergencies
  • Implementing social activities and support groups for foster children and the children of foster parents

That is not all though.

Whatever you need us for, we’ll be there. This flexibility and unrivalled level of support really set us apart. Because when you join us, you’re joining our family, and families look out for each other.

Want to find out more about our CYC service or thinking of fostering with us? Why not pick up the phone and give us a call Toll-Free 1-833-301-5500 or make an online inquiry. We’ll answers all your questions.